Cat Poop in My Bed

Cat poop would be the worst thing that a pet owner would clean.I just recently found out that my 6 year old Siamese Cat named "Saya" from her breed, poops in our toilet. Indeed, she goes to at the comfort room and poop or pisses there. Good thing for me 'coz I don't have to clean a sand box anymore, but the sad and gross thing is that she she poops not in the toilet but just near the toilet. Yes, so I have to clean her poop.

Cat poops just smell so awful, maybe because cats are more carnivorous that they don't have a good fiber diet. The smell really stinks and I really have cleaning it. Just looking at the poop would make me puke. Imagine the dark, stinky, circular or lengthwise shape of the cat poop that you have to handle.

The worst thing that happened to me so far is having a cat poop cleaned from my bed room. Yes, the cat pooped in my bed. I forgot to left the sand box inside before we sleep, then my cat went into my bed and poop out of no choice maybe.

Great thing I was not able to have cat poops on my head. I just clean up the mess and sleep back.

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